Maksi Menu: Sausage Sweet Sour

12/23/2015 11:01
Have you ever heard the name fish-Kudu kudu?  This fish originates from the waters of Sulawesi with the characteristic shape of the boxes and large head, as well as scaly hexagon.

In addition, his skin was hard once, like a crab shell. This is my first experience together fish Kudu kudu-when dining at Cranky Crab.

"This native fish. Indeed fish Kudu kudu-shape like this, such a hard shell crabs, "said the waiter.

Let's try his flesh. It turns out his flesh resembles chicken country. And because this time the fish is deep fried flour-Kudu kudu, it was like eating chicken popcorn. Pure white flesh. Strong fibrous but remain the hallmark of the fish, that is soft and not drag.

A satisfying addition to mention is the traditional which is not too spicy. More on the sour taste a sweet lure of appetite. This obligatory try Cranky Crab who is located on the Boulevard Kingdom QF 1 number 1, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

Other unique menu is Flying Beer. Actually this is a menu from the Cranky Bar. Yet because it is still one owner with a Cranky Crab, so get the message. The Flying display this Beer reminds me of serving coffee in the traditional stalls in Central Java, i.e. coffee is served with a glass upside down then drank from a glass coasters with position fixed upside down.

This time the modern version, i.e., inserted a straw. The flying beer is there are three flavors of IE Citrus Mojito that contains chunks of lime and mint leaves, Tropic Thunder contains strawberries and pineapple, and Green Fairy contains kiwifruit.

I tasted Citrus Mojito. Well it turns out good. I am not a beer lovers, don't even like. But the Flying Beer I could drink it because it didn't seem too like beer, but a refreshing fruit flavor and perceptible.