Batagor and Noodle Dinner Dishes So Tarempa ' Wonderful Indonesia ' Flavours

12/23/2015 10:44
This dinner event introduces the  culinary diversity of the archipelago which will appear on TV channels paid AFC. Fish soup noodle tarempa batam, to full course meals so wedang ronde's story.

dinner for the introduction of the ' Wonderful Indonesia ' Flavours broadcast pay TV channels Asian Food Channel (AFC) held at the edge of the Duck Rice at Chijmes, Singapore, Monday, (7/12/2015). Attended by 25 people form of invitation of EMBASSY in Singapore, a Deputy Foreign Ministry, as well as Singapore and Malaysia original bloggers.

Dinner menu was designed with a diversity of dishes of the archipelago from 8 cities that will be shown in the AFC impressions. The dinner was hosted by chef Rinrin Marinka and two chef Tobie Puttock, Australia and Darren Robertson. Here's some special dinner dishes.

1. Appetizers

Cuisine of West Java, batagor became an appetizer. This time, the
c hef Rinrin modify it by adding eggs and tofu. However, it does not reduce the flavour of the original. the taste of crispy batagor chime gently with a creamy savory sauces.

2. The soup

Before entering the main menu, the snapper soup is a meal from the island of Batam become a distraction that was served. Clear soups soup typical of Batam contains snapper, shrimp, mushroom, green tomatoes, broccoli, and onions. The taste is mild, savory, sour and fresh.

3. Noodles

There are two main meals are served. The first is a culinary Tarempa Noodles typical of the island of Batam. The noodles are cooked with minced Chili with chunks of tuna and shrimp. This dish tasted quite spicy but still savory thanks to a sprinkling of minced garlic fried dry.

4. Main courses

The main food in the form of white rice and grilled chicken Sunda. Diungkep chicken with seasonings garlic, ginger, Lemongrass, lime leaves, and sweet soy sauce. The taste is savory with sweet caramel accents of soy sauce and savory aroma of smoke. This dish was served with three food soups. I kan mussels has coconut milk, tamarind garang the second, and Coconut Curry cassava.

5. Desserts

Wedang ronde became dish pe shut off. Unlike the rounds in General, food origin of Solo, Central Java was added the fruit lychee and kolang-kaling. While the broth is given the piece to a more fragrant aroma kayumanis and warmed.

6. Drinks
Drinks served were inspired from Bali. By naming The Legian, a mixture of white water filled with a mixture of lychee fruit, kiwi, and mint leaves. Rasaya fresh enough and me njadi pembilas ra sa savory food.